Desk Based Assessments (DBA)

Granta Heritage produces high-quality Desk Based Assessments (DBAs) for projects large and small by drawing on years of experience in producing DBAs for development and research programmes.  These can range from private developments to large infrastructure projects, and fulfil the requirements set by the Planning Department. DBAs are often submitted in conjunction with planning applications to identify any likely heritage constraints which may be present at a development site and assess the impact a proposed development may have upon them.

A DBA comprises a study of the historic environment around the proposed site and normally includes historical and archaeological background information gathered through a range of methods including:

  • Documentary research
  • Interrogation of the local Historic Environment Record and other available sources including aerial photographs
  • Examining published and unpublished archaeological sources
  • Creation of a photographic record of the site and its surroundings
  • Regression study of historic maps
  • An assessment of the significance of any identified heritage assets.
  • Strategies to mitigate any potential impact on heritage assets.