Church Archaeology

Granta Heritage has particular expertise in church archaeology with experience from ancient parish churches to majestic cathedrals.

Churches can operate under both ecclesiastical law and civil planning law depending upon what it is they wish to achieve. Whilst a developer may deal with these issues on many occasions, for an individual PCC this may be the first or only time. The regulations for work in churchyards, particularly in relation to human remains, can be complex. Addressing the potential impact of archaeology on your plans at an early stage is essential. In an ancient churchyard the number of burials can run into the thousands,most of which are unmarked. The design of foundations, drains and soakaways can greatly effect the number of these your development plans might impact.

  • Guidance and advice
  • Historic Building recording
  • Watching Brief
  • Monitoring
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Statements of Significance